Tartu Rahvusvaheline Kool
Tartu Rahvusvaheline Kool
TIS Spring Geo-quiz Tour 2021
Autor: Jaak-Albert Metsoja
Lisatud: 28.04.2021
Viimati muudetud: 29.04.2021
Target group: III kooliaste
Average time: 41 minutit
A track for a geoquiz on Toome Hill. Created by 8th grade students in spring 2020.

In this page are Discovery Trail for school education. Click on the markers on the map to choose the trail or select suitable region and school from the menu.

Minimum requirements: operation system iOS (version 8), Android 4.4 or Windows Phone 8.1. You'll also need at least 3G internet connection and working GPS module on your phone.